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Updated: May 19, 2018

I know going to a casting may be a little hard on the nerves but it's an important part of becoming a model! If you prepare properly the casting will be a good experience and causing a positive impression will be easy, so here are a few tips. I want you to land this!

How to dress:

Wear a basic black dress or a top and skirt that is flattering to your figure, no lace or fancy details- just keep it simple. Another option could be a form fitting white tank top with skinny jeans (no rips please) or black leggings. Wear comfortable high heels, preferably pumps and avoid platform shoes.

Hair and Make Up: Try to avoid wearing any make up at all but if you can't live without it wear only just enough to make you feel pretty. That said, it should be minimal, perhaps a little bit if mascara, a hint of blush and gloss. Hair should also look natural and groomed without any heavy products or elaborate styles.

Attitude is everything: Walk and talk confidently if asked any questions. Remember to use your "smeyes", (smile with your eyes) let them speak confidence! And speaking of showing emotion... a smile always goes a long way so when saying hello and goodbye don't forget to flash them some teeth! After all it's the best thing you should wear always!

Afterwards, waiting for the"call back" can be just as nerve wrenching. I'ts important for you to know that they may love you and still not pick you this time. Don't take it personally, it all depends on what they are looking for at that moment but next time you might be just perfect!

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